In the News: G Leaves E!

Giuliana Rancic has been the face most easily correlated to the E! Network for the better part of my life. But early last week, on Monday Aug. 10 Giuliana hosted her last show as a day to day anchor on the E! News. When Giuliana was brought on to E! News the show was about to be cancelled. Her energy and passion for the entertainment industry turned it around and now every celebrity stalker like myself turns to G (our close personal friend, obviously) for all the happenings in Hollywood and beyond. Rancic will still co-host Fashion Police and be apart of Red Carpet events for the network.

Rancic was front page news herself as she opened up about her battle with breast cancer and then with her infertility issues. She used her microphone and her platform to help the masses, which isn’t that what this whole crazy industry is at least supposed to be about? And after giving herself to all of us for 14 years she’s moving on to something she, according to ABC News, has wanted to do for many years; live in Chicago full time with her husband Bill and their son Edward Duke.

But for me, she will always be the (second) reason I entered the school of journalism and mass communication three years ago (the first being Rory Gilmore but that’s for another day.) Giuliana used her platform the way I’ve always wanted to, and the way I want my future clients to when I get my chance in this field.

So thank you G, and now that you’re in the¬†neighborhood- the Midwest welcomes you!


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