In the News: If You’re a Bird…

The CW will be making 2004 Nicholas Sparks book-turned-movie The Notebook into a series on their network! Entertainment Weekly first reported that the series, being developed for 2016, will follow Noah and Allie navigating their relationship through the political, racial, economic struggles of post-war North Carolina. According to CW President, as quoted by Entertainment Weekly, we will likely not see the ‘what they’ve become’ elderly couple from the film. The project, a Nicholas Sparks Production in conjunction with Warner Bros. Television, will hold Sparks himself as Executive Producer and Todd Graff as writer/producer. Graff is known for his work on 2003 cult classic Camp. 

Things are subject to change as the pilot comes to fruition but we all know that if the series does get picked up, with or without elder Noah and Allie to drive the tear jerker plot many a girls night will be spent tuned into the CW to watch the classic romance unfold.

Maybe we should get stock in Kleenex now?



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