Song of the Week: Teenage Dirtbag- Wheatus

As classes begin and adulthood looms over my head once again this 2000 debut single from alternative rock group Wheatus felt only fitting as this weeks To The Encore Song of the Week! Now, I’ll be honest I have no shame in the fact that I found this song for the first time while watching Dawson’s Creek on Netflix, searched it on youtube and pulled up the baby faces of pre-fame 5 Seconds of Summer and promptly forgot about them until I found that One Direction was covering it on their tour and featured the cover on their 2013 movie This Is Us. Since those fateful youtube views many moons ago the original version has a special and admittedly a little weird place in my heart. Without further ado this is  Teenage Dirtbag, and you should all know I own and regularly wear a sweatshirt with the lyrics printed on it. This is love:


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