Song of the Week: Air Guitar- McBusted

I really can’t tell you why I enjoy this song to the level that I do. But I could very happily dance around to this for the rest of my life. McBusted, is billed as a pop-punk super group. The band, comprised of members from both McFly and Busted, two prevalent UK bands in the early 2000s. McBusted came to be in 2014 with members Tom Fletcher, Dougie Poynter, Harry Judd, and Danny Jones from McFly and James Bourne and Matt Willis from Busted. The only member not to join in the union was Busted singer Charlie Simpson. They have one self titled studio album released as a supergroup in 2014 this song was a single from that album and peaked at number 12 on the UK pop charts. Last year they supported One Direction on their Where We Are Tour in Denmark and France, and in 2015 they supported the boy band on their On the Road Again tour in both Australia and Europe.

They are really quite good and I hope to hear more of them here in the States soon! Enjoy this song of the week!

[Photo from McBusted Wikipedia]



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