Why Do I Do This?

I’m here to interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast of music/entertainment content to explain myself a bit. To tell you why I, average college female Madison Rose, am here on the internet talking about songs and celebrities to the anonymous blog readers of the world.


To say that I am passionate about music feels like an understatement. It’s been like that as long as I can remember- even before I realized it was. I used to be passionate about something else, I used to fill my days, my weekends and my breaks from school with another activity. But then I couldn’t do that anymore do to injury and other obstacles placed before me. It took until this summer, when I posted my first entry about Halsey, to get over that loss. Three years, to figure out my passion, dreams and goals had been wrapped in music all along. I focused my aspirations on the music industry about 6 months ago. I decided that for one simple reason: I still firmly believe rock and roll is going to save the world. I still believe we all walk around in the world everyday in search of something, anything, to give us a little hope,  to prove that there is some magic left in the madness. I do this, because I believe the voices and the art put forth by these artists can become the voices and the muses of the masses.

I follow artists who get thousands and thousands of messages each day and in those messages I find a lot of fans who want their idols to look at the cover they’ve done of their favorite song, or who have created beautiful pieces of fan art. And, while artists may not get time to look at these things, I do. I will sit for a few minutes every day and scroll through pages and pages, complete bodies of work dedicated to an artist. And on those days, I believe even harder that I’m right.

This summer, I heard the same thing over and over: “what you want to do is nearly impossible.” I heard that the machine I am trying to jump into is just that, a machine, and it’s hard and mean and scary. I heard that it is corrupt and ugly. That it is business and a dirty one. Less about art and more about money. Every time I hear that, every time I got told it was too hard, or when it was alluded that I was too naive I would remember this scene in One Tree Hill, a popular TV show in the early-mid 2000s. Peyton Sawyer, one of the main characters said it and it’s stuck with me for years. She said, “You were wrong, when you said the kids in the clubs were just there for decadence. I think it’s more like romance, and hope and inspiration. And that feeling that you get when other human beings pick up basic instruments and make sense of your world. And the day that I think it’s just about making money is the day I’ve betrayed everything I believe in. About music, and life and myself.” That last line is what really got me because music, life and myself have always been one in my world.

I think as young people we get told not to believe in ourselves in these really round-about ways. We’re told that things are unrealistic, or asked in condescending tone how we plan on paying for that. Our dreams and goals are squashed because our parents and our parents parents and even most of us are terrified to fail, to enter a world with a bunch of different dangers and threats: the economy, drugs, terrorism. There’s a million horrible things to prepare for and they- the nay sayers- want us to be realistic. Well I say put your realism on the back burner and leap. Follow your heart, trust your gut, every other motivating cliché: Do it.

I’m here and putting all of this out to the online masses because I believe in myself and my ability to get where I want and to do the great things I want to do when I’ve reached that destination. I’m prepared to succeed, and also maybe to live off ramen noodles and heavy blankets because food and heat are much too expensive. You get one life, you get one chance to turn your dreams into goals and chase them. So do it. No matter who tells you you shouldn’t or you can’t.

Back to your regularly scheduled post on Friday!


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