New Music Friday: Four Pink Walls- Alessia Cara

19-year-old Canadian artist Alessia Cara released her debut EP Four Pink Walls, August 28. On September 4 Forbes named her one of three ‘Young Women Who Are Set to Conquer the Music Industry’ alongside 20-year -old Halsey and 16-year-old Norwegian Aurora Asksnes. She signed to Def Jam just last year at 18, and released first single ‘Here’ over the summer leading up to the release of her EP. As a part of the young, unique and female army taking the industry by storm her EP created a solid buzz for her future career with Tanya Rad of On Air With Ryan Seacrest (also my spirit animal in human form but that is an entirely different story) promoting the EP on the Seacrest Snapchat Story as well as on her personal accounts, which still reach about 29.5k followers. ‘Here’ was the single for this EP but ‘Four Pink Walls is my favorite so that’s what I am sharing with you today! Listen Below and Happy Friday!


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