New Music Friday: Stand By You- Rachel Platten

From the same artist who brought ‘Fight Song’ to our airwaves Rachel Platten has released another feel good, empowerment song with, admittedly a similar sound to the former.  The American singer-songwriter has two full length albums already published but gained the most notoriety with Fight Song, which Taylor Swift even brought her on as a special guest during the 1989 World Tour to play. With the success of Fight Song many were waiting to hear what Rachel would do next. I think she played the strength of the last single on this one and it’s working. People like to be inspired, we like to hear a song on the radio and consider doing something good for the world because of it and Platten is giving us those songs left and right. Her latest EP, also entitled Fight Song, was released in May with Fight Song reaching number 1 on the Adult Pop chart in the U.S and #1 in the UK. Platten was also nominated this year for Choice Breakout Artist, and Choice Summer Song with Fight Song at the Teen Choice Awards. With Stand By Me newly entering airwaves I’m sure there will be many more nominations and # 1’s in her future.


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