New Music Friday: 1989- Ryan Adams

This week we’ve got something a little different  because your new music Friday pick is a whole album! Ryan Adams re-released Taylor Swifts 1989 album in his own style. He’s taken the mostly upbeat pop tracks and turned them into mellowed alt-rock hits. You may ask if we needed 13 (he did not cover the bonus tracks Swift released on her album) covers of Taylor Swift songs in the alt-rock style that Adams offers but as a listener the answer is simple: yes, yes we did.

The covers show a side of the album you may not have seen otherwise. There is a sadness to it, there is a joy to it. Taking away the pop tracking and substituting the folky rock sounds Adams went with opens up the emotions of the album. Many people suggest he put that emotion in the songs or that he found it, but with tracks like Clean and Out of the Woods I have to believe it was there all along his stylings just brought it to the surface.

We’ve got no video with this unfortunately, but the album can be found on Spotify, unlike Swifts so go take a listen!


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