5 Seconds of Summer take on Bring Me the Horizon.

I know I don’t usually do music on Wednesdays but pop-rock-alternative- all-together-confusing-just-don’t-call-them-a-boy band-because-they-really-don’t-like-it and-I don’t-either- group from Sydney, Australia 5 Seconds of Summer are currently traveling the UK and Europe doing promo for their sophomore (and allegedly far more alternative) album Sounds Good Feels Good which is set to drop on October 23. This past week they did a spot on BBC Radio 1’s morning show with Nick Grimshaw and took to the BBC Live Lounge to do an acoustic version of brand new release Hey Everybody and also, much to the surprise of many fans, take on a cover of Bring Me the Horizon’s Drown and I’m obsessed

I know what you’re thinking, if this is about to be a rave review of this cover it’s just because she’s so biased and they’re her favorite but let me just say yes I do really like this band and the stuff they put out on their own but after hearing this cover I was ready for them to stop what they were doing on their own behalf so that they could become a Bring Me the Horizon cover band- even if it was only this one song. It’s a really well done rendition of an already great, great song. I’ve spent all week telling everyone about this cover and explaining that its a great pieces for any and everyone who doubted the talent of these guys , or assumed the success they’ve had is based on looks to take a listen to while they consider rethinking that.

[Photo from 5 Seconds of Summer Instagram]



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