New Music Friday: Love Me- The 1975

As I mentioned on Monday, UK alternative breakout group The 1975 gave all their fans a scare over the summer when they released a cryptic message on the band social media, as well as lead singer Matt Healy’s personal, pages in the form of a cartoon that seemed to allude to the end of the band. They deleted all social media and by the next morning it was all back and all pink. The band then announced, through similar cryptic type written messages that they would in fact be releasing a second studio album and doing another tour, exactly the opposite of the break up fans had assumed was taking place. The aesthetic change from blacks and grays to light pink illustrated the change in the sound and persona of the band. New release Love Me embodies that change and I for one am so on board. I’ve linked a 42 second clip of the song from the band YouTube below but you’ll have to check it out on Spotify or Apple Music (or iTunes) for yourself!

[Image from the 1975 Instagram]


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