Song of the Week: Irresistible- Fall Out Boy ft. Demi Lovato

Your song of the week this week could technically fall under the new music category, but I make the rules here so…. we’re just gonna role with it as is. Irresistible came out on Fall Out Boy’s latest released album American Beauty American Psycho. The band has been quoted in a couple sources saying they always felt the song could be more. So, as Pete Wentz shared on his blog,”so we worked through an afternoon and she just got it. Excited for you guys to hear this new version of the song on Friday.” This after he explained that in his opinion Demi is one of the  strongest voices of today. The collab and Demi’s album Confident both dropped on Friday and are both sort of epic. Below will be the video, staring Doug the Pug, for the Irresistible collaboration and be sure you check out Confident on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play or anywhere else you can find it!

[Image from Demi Lovato Instagram]


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