New Music Friday: Stone Cold- Demi Lovato

I’m off a little bit on “new” music but I’m so obsessed with this song, and it is still new-ish, so I’m saying it counts. Plus Demi and Nick Jonas, who just recently started ‘Safehouse Records’ have now announced the Future | Now Tour hitting the road in summer 2016. While Jonas is not featured on this song, or any on Lovato’s new record (I haven’t listened to it in it’s entirety yet so don’t quote me on that) I’m hoping that the collaborative tour will lend itself to some seriously epic duets through the summer months.

Looking into next week for a moment you can expect an All Time Low themed week as I will be seeing them live on Wednesday night! Also, look for a Thursday or Friday double post for the concert review!

This is Demi Lovato with your new music Friday Stone Cold!

[Photo from Demi Lovato Instagram]


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