All Time Low- Back to the Future Hearts Tour

First and foremost, if anyone has the answer to whether or not Kellin Quinn of Sleeping with Sirens uses some sort of auto-tune to get his voice that high please let me know. There are about 6 college girls here who really need to know the answer.

With that being said we can get into an actual review of the show. My friends and I showed up at the venue (Seven Flags Event Center) around 4:40pm, doors were to open at 5:00, and were both pleasantly and unpleasantly surprised to see a giant line wrapping all the way around the building. Once inside we just started to feel old. I mean no harm in saying this but at 12-15 my parents would not have let me and my friends go to a concert on a Wednesday, and certainly would not have been willing to spend their night at a loud concert for four bands they had little to no interest in. After three opening acts (One Ok Rock, Neck Deep and Sleeping With Sirens) and having to remove myself from the center of the crowd before almost passing out from lack of air and the fact that my lungs were literally vibrating from bass, the main event took the stage. While the openers were good I’m getting to an point in life when I cannot stand for 5 hours and not be in pain in the morning, not to mention that while I knew of all these bands I didn’t know their material enough to get super into the screaming tween/ teens or the sweaty bodies pressed up against me to be totally enthralled in the madness for the first couple hours of the show. I know that sounds like I’m about 105 but let me tell you my knees were sad, literally sad, all day Thursday.

I’ve watched All Time Low live videos on several occasions but, obviously, nothing compares to a  real live show. The musicality of that show was at a level that so clearly only comes from the length of time they’ve spent together as a band, and the chemistry that, quite literally, oozes off the stage every single time Jack (guitar) and Alex (lead vocals) interact. The other two members of the band are pretty quiet but Rian (drums) is so talented he doesn’t even need to speak. And Zack (bass) hurling his giant and very very muscular body that high off the ground is so impressive nothing else can really be said about it.

The set lasted about an hour with a 15-20 minute encore and ending the show with an explosion of confetti during Dear Maria, Count Me In. Jack danced with several bras on his head and only made a few crude jokes. All in all one of, if not the best show I’ve seen. Such a tight band, again probably from how long they’ve been together, and even better performers. Alex doing Remembering Sunday is one of those things you just can’t even really describe it’s just one of those things, it’s just too good. A nod to their team who does the lighting etc. for the show needs to be given. I’m a big fan of the whole experience, a show isn’t the same if you can break it into a million pieces and say the quality of A far surpassed the quality of B C and D. That’s not the case here. Here’s to seeing these funny funny men again very soon.


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