Song of the Week: Slow- Lido + Halsey

I try to avoid live videos for songs of the week or any other music posts here on To the Encore because nine times out of ten you get more of the audience than artist but I love this song too much to not give it to the public and this video is pretty good audio and visual quality from Halsey’s Badlands release show she did in LA back in August. It’s a collab that wasn’t released formally by either of them but Lido (who executively produced Badlands) released it in a zip file at the beginning of last year with other of his tracks from 2014 from his personal website for free. Lido joined Halsey on stage during her album release show to perform Drive and then seemingly on a whim the pair decided to perform Slow, and this is your song of the week, you will be able to find the “studio version” on my Spotify later this month!

[ Photo from Halsey Instagram]


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