New Music Friday: Hell No’s and Headphones- Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld broke onto the music scene in Pitch Perfect 2. She then released Love Myself which is a high quality girl power anthem if I do say so myself. And now, after a fair amount of anticipation her first EP entitled Haiz has hit the web and we can put it in our ears and be all the happier because of it. (Was that weird? That was weird. I don’t even care, it’s that good. So good I’m willing to embarrass myself on the internet).

It’s a 4 song EP which includes Love Myself, You’re Such A, Rock Bottom and this week’s New Music song Hell No’s and Headphones. It’s a great entrance for her and definitely something that she can grow from into a full length album when that time comes. I saw some people who were questioning her strength as an artist and even more so as a performer, I for one am hopeful that she’ll gain some confidence with the reception of this EP and be the breakout hit I think she really could be. Plus, Taylor Swift is already backing her and that is not a bad way to start out!

This is Hell No’s and Headphones. I’ll meet you back here on Monday!

[Photo from Hailee Steinfeld Spotify]


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