Song of the Week: This Means War- Mariana’s Trench

Canadian band Mariana’s Trench made it to the Hot AC Top 40 for the first time in their career with the first single off their newly released (Goonies themed) album Astoria. The band, formed in 2001 is lead by Josh Ramsey with Matt Webb, Mike Ayley and Ian Casselman. The album has a very clear theme that seems to be directly related to frontman and primary songwriter Josh’s recent break up with his fiancé. Songs like ‘Dearly Departed, One Love, Wildfire and Forget Me Not will absolutely break your heart, but isn’t that the point?

I was familiar with the band but wouldn’t have called my self a fan. But, after listening to this album with one of my roommates on several occasions I’d be happy to call myself one. This is artistry. This is the point, this is why people like me fell in love with the idea that music was more than just something to listen to. There’s a reason for it, there’s a sense of belonging found in it. You hear a man’s heartbreak in nearly every line. Every chord, you share that. That’s why this matters. I didn’t want to pick another whole album for song of the week but I probably should have since  I just gave you 4 more to listen to.

With that in mind ignore the title, and spend your week in Astoria. (If change freaks you out here is This Means War your technical song of the week 😉 )


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