Song of the Week: Punchin’ Bag- Cage the Elephant

Once I stumbled across this song I felt the need to focus this week’s music on the strong female figure. Cage the Elephant is an alt- rock, garage rock, punk blues, indie rock cross genre band from Bowling Green, KY. They signed to Relentless in 2007 and then additionally to RCA Records in 2011. Their first album Cage the Elephant released in 2008 and spurred large followings in both the U.S and U.K. Their most recent release, Tell Me I’m Pretty, came out on December 18th of this year was created with Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys. Their early albums were influenced by classic rock, funk and blues music as well as Nirvana and the Pixies for their sophomore album. Their third album received the group a Grammy nomination for Best Alternative Music Album as the group aimed to find their distinct sound. Punchin’ Bag is the ninth track on the recently released fourth album. With lyrics about a woman with no qualms about her including “Heaven help ya she’s coming for you. Heaven help ya the girl likes to fight. Afraid of nothing and she carries a knife. She said oh no I’m not your punchin’ bag” the song fits into the theme I’ve inadvertently created for the week. Click the link above for the song or check out my December Playlist coming later this week!

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