Song of 2016: Waitin For You- Demi Lovato ft. Sirah (explicit)

I’ve had this song scheduled to post for like a month now. I was going to use it as a song of the week but I couldn’t let it be just a usual song of the week. Not that I don’t love all the songs posted on here this one just struck a cord and I knew I wanted to do something a little different.

The new year is upon us, and with that comes resolutions; eat better, go to the gym more, spend less money, spend more time/money/attention on myself, find love, lose negative people, what ever it is for this year mine is wrapped in this song. Thus creating the first ever Song of the Year. Demi Lovato came in hot at the end of 2015 with the release of Confident, singles Cool for the Summer and Confident rocked the charts and people were loving this new sassier side of Demi.This song is horribly underrated. The video (supposedly filmed in front of the school where she was bullied. I’d have to fact check that one) sets up a school yard prize fight and that’s just what you get with these hard hitting vocals and the Sirah feature about halfway through.

Sirah is an American hip hop, pop and moombahton (reggae/house fusion) artist from Long Island, NY. She is best known for her collaborations with Skrillex including, Weekends, Kyoto and Bangarang. She is also associated with Icona Pop, Daft Punk and now, obviously, Demi Lovato and is signed to Warner Music and Atlantic.

Lyrically the song lands every punch. Speaking to Demi’s personal demons but applicable to anyones. This song accurately depicts why I am as obsessed with music (and Demi) as I am. The ability to kind of respond to AB & C demons of your past, including the people who terrorized, or in my case demonized, you. The song offers an outlook of preparation and confidence, taking on the larger theme of Demi’s album on a smaller scale and creates the powerful groundwork for the new year.

Feel free to comment on this post letting me know what your song of 2016 is! And have a wonderful New Year!

[Image from the Odyssey Online via Google Images]


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