Song of the Week: Can’t Shake You- Gloriana

Gloriana was formed in 2008 by brothers Tom and Mike Gossin and Rachel Reinert. There was a fourth member who left the band in 2011. Their debut single was released in 2009 entitled ‘Wild at Heart.” But it was their second album and single that took them to the top of the charts. A Thousand Miles Left Behind released in 2012 produced their first Top 10 Country and Top 40 on the Billboard hot 100 “(Kissed You) Good Night.” The third single off Thousand Miles Left Behind “Can’t Shake You” was featured on the CW’s Hart of Dixie on the second season finale with the band guest starring as themselves. Which is where I found it. I’ve been binge-watching Hart of Dixie for a few weeks now (as I write this I’m clicking play to start the third season and Netflix is popping up the ‘you’re still watching? judgement that I just don’t need.’) Now I’m not usually super affectionate to country as a genre, I don’t dislike it but it’s not what I’d pick to play on the radio. But I liked this song, I liked the scene it was featured in on the show and that the video kind of stayed in that same realm.

However, as I write this reports are being confirmed and shared that Rachel will be leaving the band to pursue a solo career- basically I’ve picked a great time to start liking this band. So while we wait for comment from either Gossin brother, and to see if Gloriana will move on without Rachel we can go back to the happier times of 2012 with song of the week Can’t Shake You.

[Photo from via Google Images]


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