Song of the Week: XO; Beyonce Cover- John Mayer

Everyone loves a good cover. Something that takes one of your favorite songs and turns it on its head. YouTube is full of artists sharing their talents for composing and arranging on songs that we hear on the radio everyday, but when celebrities take a stab at someone else’s work it can usually go really well, or really poorly. The BBC Live Lounge does this often, having artists come in to do some of their own songs as well as one or two covers of other artists, usually in other genres. While John Mayer didn’t step too far out of his wheel house with covering Beyoncé’s XO he did turn it into the dreamy, sleepy melody that we expect out of Mayer. I probably way overplayed this on my radio show last semester but it’s just too good. So rather than continuing to blabber on about why it’s so good I’m gonna let you field this one yourselves. Song of the week for the LAST WEEK OF JANUARY is John Mayer with XO check out the audio right here.

[Image from John Mayer Instagram]



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