In the News: Amber Coffman of Dirty Projectors and others accuse publicist of sexual harassment.

In a story released by New York Magazine and The Guardian on January 20th we learned that Heathcliff Berru, the owner of a PR (public relations) firm that represented Killer Mike and Odd Future, has been accused of sexual misconduct by not one but many women in the industry. Beth Martinez and Amber Coffman have both publicly accused the, now resigned, publicist of inappropriate actions. Beth taking to Twitter asking a much needed question “Why are women in the music industry still fighting misogyny and sexism alone, while their male friends/bandmates/managers do nothing??” Both women have received waves of support, and disclosures of similar behavior perpetrated on other women in the industry via social media. Berru has now come forward with a statement blaming his misconduct on a battle with drugs and alcohol abuse according to the Daily Mail.

In a recent post I discussed the sexism within the music industry, now another headline story (for the moment) brings it up again. So why are so many male’s silent? Why are women told that for the good of their career they’ll need to get over being assaulted or harassed. Why is Kesha’s career on the line for accusations she’s made toward Dr. Luke? you’ve read my thoughts, let me know yours; Tweet me @Maddi_Rose13 or leave a comment down below!

P.S. Smash the patriarchy while you’re at it.

[Photo from Beth Martinez Twitter @dangervillage]


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