Why Kanye Slut Shaming Amber Rose is the real issue in Wiz Khalifa Twitter Fight

I’ve talked about the sexism and exploitation of women in the music/entertainment industry at length on multiple posts so I will [try to] keep this short. If you’re a Twitter user you probably at least saw bits and pieces of Kanye’s cyber attack (and also complimentary critique) toward Wiz Khalifa last week, or at the very least you were one of the fortunate people to see Amber Rose’s response to Kanye, once again, slut shaming her. While Kanye, and many fans are up in arms about her dig at his sexuality, I’m here to remind everyone what the real issue here is. Slut Shaming, in any context, toward anyone, is not okay and should never be accepted or tolerated.

To be clear, Slut Shaming is a socially constructed stigma attached to women and girls (some men also but primarily females) who behave or are perceived to behave in ways that violate “traditional” expectations for female sexuality. Amber Rose has been front page news on many occasions, usually in relation to Wiz, Kanye, Tyga or the Kardashian/Jenner family; she’s warred (again over Twitter) with Khloé Kardashian over Tyga and Kylie’s relationship on a few occasions. And while being dubbed the “stripper who trapped” Wiz Khalifa doesn’t seem to phase her from day to day she’s become a strong advocate for women who are similarly slut shamed and have been blamed for their own assaults. She held a Slut Walk in LA and is photographed with a “strippers have feelings too” sign gettyimages-491161820.jpgand has been a proponent for “taking back slut” and other words used to describer her. Photographed here with friend Blac Chyna (now you see why there’s a Kylie Jenner Beef- Chyna is the mother of Tyga’s son) donning a body suit with words that have been thrown her way by musicians and media outlets alike. gty_486060876_75505602.jpg

Here’s the main issue, men like Kanye West get the okay from a variety of publics to do and say whatever they want. We laugh it off when he’s comparing himself to Jesus and claiming his upcoming album is “the album of the life” not just of the year, but if a woman did either of those things people would be up in arms. We don’t call men sluts, we don’t care that Channing Tatum used to be a stripper- heck we even made a movie franchise off that, but Amber Rose was and she’s branded “hoe” and “gold digger” forever? The fact of the matter is that words do hurt, and until the entertainment community makes an effort to hold EVERYONE accountable for what they say and who they say it to society at large can’t change because we take our cues from them. Food for thought- think about how you would feel if every choice you made was scrutinized, judged and thrown in your face while your male counterparts are praised and applauded for it.

[Photo’s from Just Jared, and OK! Magazine]


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