New Music Friday: Pillowtalk- Zayn Malik

I feel like I had to talk about this song this week. I’m not even sure if I wanted to so much as it felt like the only option, really my only reaction to the track, and the video is a resounding ‘meh.’ For someone who has been talking a LOT of trash about pop music and his former band’s sound this song was a lot more pop than I anticipated it being. Yes, definitely had more RnB and hip hop influence than anything One Direction has done but it’s topping pop charts, not something else; and that’s exactly what 1D has been doing for years.

Frankly for me, the video felt like he was trying too hard to be more The Weekend (who often has Bella Hadid in his videos) than Justin Timberlake, hopefully he’ll find a way to settle somewhere in the middle and be comfortable, and successful as a solo artist. His debut solo album Mind of Mine is set to debut March 25, and yes for you Directioners that is exactly one year after he announced his departure from One Direction.

For anyone who hasn’t heard the song, and may want to opt out here’s how Zayn himself described it to The Sunday Times “It’s all about sex, everybody has sex, and it’s something people wanna hear about. It’s part of everybody’s life, a very big part of life.”

While most media outlets are headlining images of Perrie with things like “Is Perrie Sending Zayn a Message With Latest Instagram Snaps?” and “Perrie Edwards Posts Hot Selfie after Zayn Malik Reveals What He Looks For in a Woman.” I’m thinking that maybe, just maybe Zayn’s the one these headlines should be speaking of, especially after this video ‘Zayn Malik Sending Perrie a Message: He’s Just as Over It as She Is, With New Music Video.” or maybe “Zayn Malik Would Like Everyone to Know He and Gigi Hadid are Just Friends, Trust Us.” Just me? Tell me what you think down below or on Twitter!


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