In the News: Roc Nation Suing Rita Ora

Jay Z’s label Roc Nation is suing British artist Rita Ora as she attempts to get out of her contract due to “extra curricular’s” the label is pursuing taking away from time spent on her career (i.e. Tidal, their recent venture in streaming, and a sports management company.) Roc Nation filed a countersuit to Ora’s saying she owes them 4 more albums and millions of dollars. According to a report released on The Wrap “The label claims it’s invested “millions of dollars in marketing, recording, and other costs, which were instrumental in guiding Ms. Ora to her current level of success and fame.” Millions of dollars including a reported, $2 million on her long awaited second album alone.

According to Rita Ora’s lawyer Jay Z has promised her complete freedom from Roc Nation, however the label themselves filed the suit mentioned about in New York Supreme Court, and another, for similar issues in California. The company wants the $2 million from album two back, as well as an unknown number in damages for the 4 albums left unrecorded under her contract.

Lots of drama in the business sector of the music world lately, it’s often we forget how many other things go on behind the scenes. Working in the industry is a lot more than awards shows and touring and sometimes it gets ugly! We’ll wait and watch what happens on this front, more info coming soon!

[Image from Rita Ora Daily on Twitter]


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