New Music Friday: Work- Rihanna feat. Drake

If anyone knows me they know how vehemently I want Drake and Rihanna to record an album together (and also get married but that is an entirely different issue) so I get pretty excited whenever a collaboration comes out. Rihanna just recently dropped her much anticipated Anti and we were gifted with another highest quality Drake and RiRi duet in Work.

The song pretty much instantaneously become meme- worthy with all sorts of celebrities taking to snapchat and Instagram singing along or dancing to the song. While Work has taken social media by storm I feel it is my duty to recommend both, Anti as an entire album, take note about 80-90% of it is explicit but that does not diminish the quality; and also Drake’s recent release Summer Sixteen which is speculated [wink wink] to be another jab at Meek Mill (also explicit. You’ve been warned as best I can)

You’ve got loads to listen to here so follow this link for Work, click here for Anti and finally right here to venture on a  rap along with Drizzy.

[Image from Google Images via Article]


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