Song of the Week: Stronger- Britney Spears

This week’s song comes to you directly from my very own childhood heart. I loved, and I mean loved Britney Spears as a little girl, I remember distinctly writing her a letter to come and play at my hometown’s summer music in the park – she never answered. In the last few months we’ve gotten a reunion and anniversary for High School Musical, a confirmation of the Gilmore Girls brief revival and the first real trailer for Fuller House, and a reboot of The PowerPuff Girls; teaching us all that sometimes you just have to go back to your roots.

This week go back in time to the days of plastic chokers and all denim outfits, when Justin and Britney were the loves of each others lives and there was never any concern for Britney’s hair. Where boybands thrived and Nickelodeon and Disney sometimes made snide comments about the other on their shows. The 90’s are back and bigger than ever people, embrace it. And start right here with a Stronger sing along in your room!

[Image from Google Images via]


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