“B**** Is An Endearing Term” [Explicit Content]

Yes, you read that title correctly. That would be the excuse mr. Kanye West gave for why his Taylor Swift lyric in new song ‘Famous’ is not a diss at all. After releasing the name of his forthcoming album (for the third time) Kanye graced the ears of all the world with Famous, which includes the lyric ‘I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that bitch famous.’ Which, unsurprisingly was met with a lot of negative reactions. T. Swizzle’s brother Austin taped himself throwing away his Yeezy’s, and several members of Taylor Swifts girl squad made their opinions known as well. Even Katy Perry is being reported as calling the lyric ‘low class.’ So, Yeezus has done what he seems to do best; go on a Twitter rant in which he explained that, 1. he’s an artist so he gets to do what he wants. 2. Kim said it was okay, okay?! 3. It was Taylor’s idea…. obviously. and of course, 4. “Bitch is an endearing term in hip hop….”

Kanye, Kanye, Kanye what are we going to do with you? No comment as of the time of this writing from Taylor herself, who knows maybe it is all her idea and this is her hype up for a Grammy’s knock out [update, there was a knock out and I hope Kanye is icing those burns, check out Taylor’s acceptance speech for Album of the Year here.] Either way, with everyone around her reacting so negatively it’s hard to believe Kanye’s story. We’ll wait for Queen Swifty to respond, or to throw her own jabs on stage as she has done so well in the past.

[Image from Billboard.com via Kanye West Twitter]


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