Song of the Week: Little Lady- Ed Sheeran Feat. Mikill Pane (explicit)

Ed Sheeran came out of his hiatus for the Grammy’s a weeks or so ago now, but the lack of new music from the Ginger Jesus is a pain I for one just can’t face. Until we can get our dear Teddy back on social media and back on the radio we’ll have to go back to what he’s given us in the past. Ed released 5 in 2014, it’s essentially a remix album, 5 parts full of songs that never made an album or to the radio, live recordings and Little Lady, our first week of March song of the week.

Little Lady is a collaborative version of A Team, Ed Sheeran’s first radio hit in the U.S.A. This version of the song goes deeper and hits harder, with rap verses by Mikill Pane it tells the story of a young girl sent to London for higher education only to become addicted to heroin and pimped out by her uncle. It ends, unfortunately, with her murder. I’ll let you listen to it and experience it for yourselves but it sheds an entirely new light on what Ed has been doing in his music since 2009. And what I’ve been saying we should find our way back to in the music industry as a whole. Ed knows how to use his platform to bring up some ugly realities, and while those aren’t often the songs that become his award winning, chart toppers they are equally if not more important. I’ll link 5 from Spotify here be sure to check out Little Lady, but everything else is amazing too – obviously, it’s Ed.

[Image via E Online]


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