New Music Friday: Vroom Vroom- Charli XCX

We got our first glimpse of Charli on Iggy Azalea’s Fancy a few years ago, now the British singer songwriter is taking on the pop world all by herself. Her most recent release Vroom Vroom will have you rolling down the windows and dancing in your seat all over town. The British songstress is the perfect example of how the 90s are coming back. Charli XCX is the perfect 90s princess and this song plays right into that aesthetic. It’s sassy and feels a bit like a millennial spice girl should be singing it (okay but can we make a millennial spice girls and can I be involved? I have a great British accent.)

This might not be new, new but I think we need a LOT more press on what Charli is doing because I think she’s absolutely killing the game and we are missing it! So, to do her the justice deserved, and to keep filling my nineties loving heart with her music your new music Friday this March 18 is Vroom Vroom by the one and only 21st century Scary Spice (amiright!?) Enjoy!

[Image from Rolling Stone]


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