Album of the Week:Mind of Mine – Zayn Malik

Because I have yet to settle on a favorite track or a solid opinion of the album as a whole I’m letting you all decide for yourselves. Mind of Mine, Zayn Malik’s debut solo album released last Friday, a year after it was announced he’d be leaving One Direction. It’s already got a few hits coming off of it prior to release and features artists like Kehlani (who you know I LOVE.) It’s a definite change from his One Direction days (no surprise there) check it out on whatever platform you consume music and leave me a comment here or on Twitter @maddirose13 with your thoughts!

[Image from Spotify]



  1. Hey !
    I honestly loved the album and the vibe that it sends i really think its the different but like.. good different, Zayn really did a nice job 😀
    Btw, I also did a review on my blog of this particular album and i’d love it if you could check it out 😉
    Have a nice day;
    Xx ❤


  2. Hello 🙂
    Well i honestly loved the album .. i loved the vibe it sends its just so different and it showcases Zayn’s vocal abilities even more. What’s your favorite song on the album ?
    Ps: i also made a review of the album on my blog i’d love it if you could check it out ❤

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