Song of Week: I Write Sins Not Tragedies – Brenden Urie & Halsey

Coachella – when the boho chic starlets head to the desert for a weekend, doing their best to create modern day Woodstock with the help of our favorite hip hop and alternative artists (plus the random pop star that doesn’t really fit. Hi Ellie Goulding.) This years festivities have included everyone to Kanye to Ice Cube and of course my dear fave Halsey who brought her fave Brenden Urie out for the ending of New Americana and a duet version of I Write Sins Not Tragedies the anthem of any punk kids youth.

While opinions on the actual performance are everyone from yikes to obsession I figured I’d share it with you and whether you want to revel in this nice update to the track or find the original and take in that nostalgia. Link here to watch the performance, fair warning the overuse of the F-Bomb is real.

[Image from Alt Press]




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