Album Review: Thank You – Meghan Trainor

LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 15: Singer Meghan Trainor poses in the press room at the The 58th GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on February 15, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

Meghan Trainor came out with her sophomore album last week and a much needed track by track review starts right here:

Watch Me Do: with a hook like “I get all choked up when I see how much I make” the preliminary track on M. Train’s sophomore studio album kicks it off with a bang. The beat itself is proof positive that this album doesn’t replicate the more 50’s era style of her debut. Watch me do is a dance track that might actually get all of the world up and moving and is one of my top 3 favorite songs on the album.

Me Too: Similarly me too is a poppy dance track that inspires some Madonna era Vogue-ing. As someone who wasn’t sold on Meghan after her first album this song solidified a new found appreciation and inspired a track by track review. 5 stars M. Train, 5 Stars.
No: WHAT. A. SONG. literally the inner monologue of any human whose ever had an unwanted  advance while you know.. Existing. I’ve heard some commentary around this track that the idea of “no” is rude or something to that effect. No. It’s not. That kind of thought process is part of the problem. Bye. This also makes my top 3 for this album.
Better (feat. Yo Gotti): “you deserve to be alone and I deserve better” how many of us haven’t needed to hear this at one time or another, I know quite a few people who could use it on a loop 24/7/365. It’s astonishingly close to RnB coming from Ms. Trainor especially with the Yo Gotti feature but with its sort of Mariah Carey vibes it’s a nice, chill piece coming after three particularly amped up tracks.
Hopeless Romantic: here’s where we really slow down and get to hear what pipes Meghan has behind the cutesy- 50s pop that her first album had. This ballad fits really well into the album here and does show off both Trainors vocal abilities and writing.
I Love Me (feat. LunchMoney Lewis): this one sounds A LOT like Pharrel’s happy and therefore I can’t get behind it as much as I want to because I can’t deal with Happy anymore. Great lyrics though- we need more songs like this from female artists. #girlpower
Kindly Calm Me Down: I’m the first to turn on the sass. Sometimes I struggle to find music that actually fulfills my sass quotient when I need it to but this song tops any list I could make. I love. Love. Love this song, the writing, the authenticity of Trainors vocals on it and the production quality. All of it. Incredible. 10/10 would recommend to all music lovers.
Woman Up: just Yassss. That is all.
Just a friend to you: the ukulele is back. And i didn’t want it to be. Damn it Meghan, we’d come so far.
I Won’t Let You Down: I know she has a song on her called Friends but I’m dubbing this the best friend anthem. And we should all be sending it to our best friends right now. Seriously… Go. I’ll wait.
Dance Like Yo Daddy: I like this song for how much fun Meghan clearly had recording this. The laughs and stuff they played into the track in its mastering make the song. It’s a fun song anyway but those personal touches totally change it to be one of the best songs on the record.
Champagne Problems: Meghan has really found success in her ability to appear relatable. Champagne problems becomes a cute way to reference “first world problems” and touch on living without a concern for the stupid little stuff that cramps people’s style everyday. “No internet that’s the worst” will be using this as my alarm forever.
Mom: CALL YOUR MOTHERS/ Siblings/parent/ Guardians. 💚💚💚
Friends: honestly this sounds like the beginning of a frat rap song. Like where’s Hoodie? Not my fave musically/production wise but friends are great. Yay friends.
Thank You (Feat R. city): once again Meghan seems to be trying out something a little more RnB/pop and almost early 2000s with the final and title track. An awesome feature from R City and a great message, gratitude is super important people!
Overall I’d rate this album as a whole 8/10! Give it a listen on iTunes or Spotify!

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