Song of the Week: That Girl – Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara – a Canadian duo made up twin sisters Tegan and Sara Quin have had an outstanding career spanning over 17 years and about three genre’s. There most recent release ‘Love You to Death’ is a dive into synth pop and the mainstream of pop radio! With the release of the album we’ve gotten videos for lead single ‘Boyfriend‘ ‘U Turn‘ ‘100x‘ ‘BWU‘ which challenges the stereotype that ALL people  (specifically all women) want to get married – a personal revelation for the LGBTQ icons who fought alongside their peers for marriage equality but choose, for the most part, to not take part in the institution themselves. And most recently ‘Faint of Heart‘ which celebrates the LGBTQ community and the fantastic artists that it has brought to the mainstream including Prince, Bowie and even Tegan and Sara themselves. So basically these sisters are incredibly rad and while we wait for (hopefully) even more video releases from them I invite you to take a listen to MY favorite song on the recently released album ‘That Girl’


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