What the Selena Gomez Vogue Article Says about Male Interviewers

An issue we have seen before rises to the top of our newsfeed’s once again: male authors writing uncomfortably intimate pieces about female celebrities. To be fair, the piece in question currently – Selena Gomez on Instagram Fatigue, Good Mental Health and Stepping Back from the Limelight in April’s Vogue, is mostly reasonable. However, the authors “protectiveness” over the star’s “doll-like” looks and “tiny waist.” While this is incredibly tame by all standards, as the Guardian points out in Why Do So Many Male Journalists Think Female Stars are Flirting with Them?  “But I think my favourite was US Esquire on Scarlett Johansson: ‘I didn’t look at her ass,’ the male journalist informs us. ‘I don’t know that she wanted me to. Probably not. Surely not. In any case, I didn’t.’ Of course she wanted you to, you fool! It is every woman’s fantasy to be ogled by a tragic male journalist while she tries to do her job.”

The author of the Guardian article goes on to offer examples of female reporters with equally sexualized stars to interview who do not end their articles basically fantasizing about sleeping with the interviewee. Why is this the norm? Why is this a “Perennial issue?” Why is it that when you reach a certain (any) level of fame you no longer become a person and instead become a tiny, fragile, doll for strange men to feel urges of protectiveness over? Selena Gomez dated Bieber through a media firestorm, battles Lupus, has been in and out of rehab dealing with depression and anxiety, she lives in a world where everyone thinks they know her – where they can leave a million comments about her weight, her stability, her weakness – and she thrives. That is not weakness. That is not fragility. Let’s start writing about these artists as they represent themselves – not as your masculinity and sexualized fantasy represents them.

…And All Was Right with the World

screen-shot-2017-01-12-at-9-00-20-amHe’s Back… The one and only ‘Ginger Jesus’ has made his return to the radio waves and therefore 2017 is off to a great start (well, for most of the world, still a little concerned for the US of A.) Dropping two singles off third studio album ‘Divide’ due out March 3, 2017 (a full 49 days, 14 hours and 55 minutes away at the time of this writing.)

Sheeran broke his year-long social media silence with tracks ‘Shape of You‘ and ‘Castle on a Hill.’ With ‘Shape of You’ even sampling on a SnapChat Face Filter. The album track listing, posted on Sheerio’s Instagram is set to be emotional (because Ed…) and amazing as we’ve come to expect from the Brit. Though the Grammy Nom’s are out for this awards season I would put money on Sheeran for the 2018 awards (hopefully for ‘Shape of You’ because what a banger!)

Pop music is ever changing and Sheeran’s been out of the game for a bit, it’ll be interesting to see where he fits in as more of the album is unveiled.





Artist Spotlight: Dua Lipa

As promised, I’m back with more from my biggest obsession since Halsey (and for those of you who know me personally – you’ll understand how big of a statement that is.) Dua Lipa (20) is an English singer, songwriter and model (clearly.)

Dua was born in London on 22 August 1995 to ethnic Albanian parents from Kosovo who had left Prishtina in the 1990s. She attended Sylvia Young Theatre School before moving back to Kosovo with her family in 2008. At the age of 15 she moved back to London, with aspirations of becoming a singer. Shortly after, she began working as a model.

Lipa’s debut album is due later this year. For now you can check out some of her recent releases on Spotify.

[Photo from The Fader]

Artist Spotlight: Little Mix

Little Mix, were the winners of the eighth season of the UK’s X Factor and still stand as the only group to win the competition. The four members, Jesy Nelson (25) Leigh-Anne Pinnock (24) Jade Thirlwall (23) and Perrie Edwards (22) originally auditioned as soloists but were put together into a group during the series. The group signed to SyCo records and Columbia, their debut album DNA was released in 2012, which peaked inside the top 10 in ten countries including the UK and US; making Little Mix the first girl group since The Pussycat Dolls to reach the US top 5 with their debut album, as well as earning the highest debut US chart position by a British girl group, breaking a record previously held by the Spice Girls.

The group’s sophomore effort Salute, which was released in 2013, became their second album to debut inside the top 10 in both the UK and US. In 2015 Little Mix released their third studio album Get Weird which became their highest charting and best-selling album to date. The album’s lead single “Black Magic” became the group’s third number one single in the UK and earned nominations for two Brit Awards in 2016. As of May 2016 the group has achieved three platinum certified albums and ten certified singles in the UK.

See more from Little Mix below!

Artist Spotlight – MKTO

According to their iTunes Bio:

MKTO are a pop/hip-hop duo from California featuring the talents of actor/musicians Malcolm Kelly and Tony Oller, who first met on Nickelodeon television series Gigantic in 2010. Prior to this, Kelly starred as the character Walt Lloyd on ABC’s Lost, and Oller appeared on several shows including the Disney Channel’s As the Bell Rings. After striking up a friendship, the duo formed MKTO (a combination of their initials, as well as the moniker “Misfit Kids Total Outcasts”). In 2012 they released the single “Thank You” on Columbia Records, followed by “Classic” and “God Only Knows” in 2013. In 2014 MKTO released their self-titled debut album, their follow up, a four-song EP Bad Girls, appeared in 2015. 

And yes, we mean this ‘As the Bell Rings’ which not only featured a baby faced- floppy haired-Bieber-inspired Tony Oller and love interest (also baby faced) Demi Lovato, post Barney – pre Camp Rock.


The duo’s debut album ‘MKTO’ peaked on the charts at number one in Australia, two in New Zealand and 31 in the U.S, though single Classic was a bigger hit and can get people singing along two years post release. Take a listen and a watch of the lead single from their debut album. ‘Classic’ and ‘Bad Girls’ from the 2015 EP

[Image from Teen Vogue]