Thirteen Reasons Why – Proof of Positive Celebrity x sociopolitical interaction

When it was announced that Selena Gomez had been an executive producer on a Netflix version of Jay Asher’s Thirteen Reasons Why I think the world around people were admittedly wary. With such touchy subject matter how would they turn the revered novel into something visual? And then it came out – and we were in awe. It became the Netflix’s most popular show, racking up 3.5 million social volume impressions in the first week following its release. Here’s why that’s important: it’s proof positive that if celebrities are provided with the information to disseminate to their fans we will be establishing an entire generation of socially, politically engaged individuals with actual fact behind their engagement. The fact that the show features powerful messages about mental health and other issues that teens face today means that hopefully, people will be encouraged to talk about their own experiences after talking about the show; and that the stars and in Selena’s case producers, are accessible because of social media makes it that much more powerful – its tangible because of this.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – social media is not the root of all evil; celebrities having an opinion on social issues and politics and expressing them is not cause for telling anyone to shut up and sing – both of these things come together to create a dialogue from which we have a lot to learn. I give Selena mad props for putting herself out there for a project as important as this one. As we learn in Thirteen Reasons Why – everything affects everything.

Song of the Week: Unhinged- Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas FINALLY released his follow up to his self- titled 2015 release and let me tell you it is a doozy! Raw, real and deserving of ANY iota of praise it is getting. I chose Unhinged for SOTW for a very specific reason, one that will be explained more in depth in Wednesday’s post, so stay tuned and be sure to check out Last Year Was Complicated ASAP!

[Image From Nick Jonas VEVO]

New Music [Video] Friday: Kill Em With Kindness- Selena Gomez

Not a new song but the video was just released on Monday and Selena Gomez’s hair is too voluminous and shiny to be ignored. Catch a glimpse of the gorgeous locks and the beautiful sentiment behind this track in the newly released, black and white video:

[Image from Idolator]

New Music Friday: Same Old Love- Selena Gomez

So this song isn’t exactly new, but Selena Gomez’s new album Revival drops today and this is my favorite song she’s released from it so it felt fitting. After a highly publicized on-and-off relationship with Justin Beiber, a reported rehab stint (we have since learned Gomez was actually being treated for Lupus and going through chemotherapy at the time) dealing with serious body shaming and the change from Disney pop princess to grown up actress and performer signed with Interscope Records; Revival is her first album in over a year, and her first off Hollywood Records. I have yet to listen to the album in full but I’ve liked everything she’s released off it thus far and that she’s embraced the changes in her life by taking full control of the album and saying so.

Here’s Same Old Love, and make sure you check out Revival!

[Image from Selena Gomez Instagram]

Selena Gomez’s Highly Anticipated Revival

At a private event for fans who won their way in Selena Gomez performed new song ‘Same Old Love’ and gave those in the audience the first look at her forthcoming video. As well as a sneak peek at the title track of her new album, Revival. According to Selena, via People Magazine’s article on the event, the album took over a year to write, and while appearing on ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest’ the former Disney star informed listeners she had produced the album herself, giving herself full control of the album. Gomez signed with Interscope Records, after finishing her contract with Hollywood Records (the pop division for Disney Music Group) in late 2014. Her album, Revival will be out October 9. Gomez has teased on multiple occasions that this album will be a bit darker than her previous publications. The track list including titles like, Kill ‘Em With Kindness, Nobody, Sober and Survivor certainly bodes well for the more mature, darker sound she’s alluding to for the album.

It’s been a full year since her last album was released with Hollywood Records and her enthusiastic fans, called Selenators, all of over the world are sending their support to the pop princess every day in tweets and tags. With the countdown at only 21 days the wait is nearly over! In the mean time we’ll all just watch the Same Old Love video (which premiered yesterday) over and over again.